Plan Your LinkedIn Page: Tips for Marketers

Planning to open a LinkedIn page? Do you have a LinkedIn page that needs more content? Maybe you want to use the features more effectively? To explore more features and come up with quality contents we’re here to help you. 

Why LinkedIn?

Building a powerful appearance in the professional environment of LinkedIn is like blending some of the tasks and website presentation with the interactive nature of a social media profile. Today, more than 500 professionals and 3 million  businesses maintain their presence through LinkedIn pages, providing a key point of access to a network of over 200 million registered users around the world. While the main focus of LinkedIn was originally on hiring, since it was purchased by Microsoft, so much about its culture and path to development has changed.

Get Started Now:

To create a LinkedIn Page:

  1. Click the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click Create a Company Page. You’ll also select this option to create a Page for a school.
  3. Select the page type you’d like to create from the following options:
    1. Small business
    2. Medium to large business
    3. Showcase page
    4. Educational institution (high school or university/college)
  4. Enter your Page identity, Company or Institution details, and Profile details information.
  5. Check the verification box to confirm you have the right to act on behalf of that company or school in the creation of the page.
  6. Click Create page.

Branding With LinkedIn Pages:

LinkedIn pages are focused on the brand, not the brand’s individuals. This allows your brand to have a heartbeat, very strong presence, and identity separate from any person within the organization that can leave the company at any time and take with them a large part of your brand identity. Statistics says, 40% of the users check their LinkedIn everyday. If you post your content with videos, images hashtags and so on, they’re like to be visible for 48 to 72 hours. 

In the Updates tab, which is showed in front and center, LinkedIn pages prominently display content. LinkedIn claims that businesses that post 20 times a month reach 60% of their audience. This should sound fair to anyone on other platforms such as Facebook who has dealt with decreasing reach recently. 

Attract B2C Audiences on LinkedIn:

Typically, LinkedIn is associated with B2B(Business to Business) brands, but it works just as well for B2C(Business to Consumer) brands, especially if professionals make up their ideal audience. Any sort of business, however, should start their experiment with LinkedIn marketing.

Add Video Content:

First, take small steps by posting a couple of times a week. Test and find out what works, weigh and develop from your expectations and outcomes. Video on LinkedIn doesn’t require that much. A good way is to take ideas from content used in other places and apply the same content practices for a company persona you’d like to have a personal brand. A lengthy and informative video is suitable for websites, but for LinkedIn  it’s better if you chop off some portion and come up with a shorter size (LinkedIn allows up to 10 mins, but we suggest not to exceed 5mins if possible). The importance of the lighting, graphics and sound content and quality is more important than your video’s real format. A video can be beautifully styled, but if the content is ineffective, it will merely be ignored. 

Other LinkedIn Content Ideas:

If you have a business page, do not be boring and stick to posting just one sort of content. Combine it with videos, PDFs, links, text messages, and anything that makes it look like a magazine.

There are other ways in which LinkedIn can generate extremely engaging content beyond video. A very effective way is to ask questions in your posts and address issues. Make questions that they can’t help responding. 

Share Images:

It is said that LinkedIn is not a suitable platform visuals. This isn’t 100% true. At the end of the day, people want to buy from people. Use authentic photographs in line with your brand instead of stocking images. Really show what it’s all about your business. If you want to keep it light, event posting candids of workers goes fine. 

Taglines and Hashtags:

You can share a mission statement, a value proposition or details on what to expect from your page with the option to add a tagline to your LinkedIn page. It attracts people more than the Headline. 

Another way to gain visibility and traction for your content is to include hashtags on your page. Up to three hashtags can be associated.

To see how many people are following a LinkedIn hashtag, enter the tag in the header search bar. The results will show how many members are following the tag.












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So? Why be late? Get ready to conquer the platform of professionalism and boost your business to another level.